How Can Guests Be Mindful During A Pandemic?

The hospitality sector has developed many strategies over the past few decades to create evocative community places, such as lobbies, lounge areas, decks, and cafés, enabling people to cross paths, come together, celebrate, or just unwind. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, seeing people in a packed lobby or a busy cafe is now stressful because they are no longer safe. We are all having to reconsider even the most basic actions, including how we greet and how we travel, as a result of this abrupt mental shift. After several months of adjusting to this new normal, we are forced to choose between two seemingly incompatible human desires: the want for safety and the desire for social engagement.

Shama Desert Camp is where you go to satiate these two burning cravings without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Shama Desert Camp is your peaceful haven, tucked away from the bustle of the city in the Thar Desert. We embraces ideas like seclusion and sustainability, is committed to protecting its immediate environment and giving visitors an opportunity to connect with nature and the calm that comes with it.

Ten luxurious tents are all that are available, and they are all placed 50 feet or more apart from one another in order to respect the privacy of the people staying there. Many predict that this epidemic will return to the pre-COVID era.


The services we formerly took for granted during a hotel stay, such daily in-person housekeeping, room service, check-ins and check-outs, have become much difficult to keep up due to new safety restrictions as travellers from all over the world begin to slowly take their first post-lockdown travels once more. While we’ve never been more eager to welcome visitors, there are many things you can do to support us during these trying times since ensuring everyone is safe should be a joint effort.

Online booking for tents in Jaisalmer

The best course of action is to make a reservation by email or through website to prevent pointless conversations. This procedure makes sure that independent companies like Shama Desert Camp get paid in full for their services. The bottom line of the company might be significantly impacted by the commissions that booking engines can collect of up to 20%. More importantly, in a time when travel restrictions can change almost instantly, having a direct channel of communication with us is crucial.

Prepare Ahead of Time & Share Information

The option to communicate your preferences for tours and desired activities before your arrival is another advantage of making a direct reservation. This not only cuts down on pointless face time, but it also enables us to give you a customised experience. When it comes to the folk performances, our team makes sure the proper distance between the tables adheres to the physical distancing norms, keeping the artists and our guests safe. Shama Desert Camp has always placed an emphasis on offering a private experience of activities such as dune bashing, village safari, dinner on dunes, city tour, etc.

Camel Safari Enjoyment in Jaisalmer

In order to protect you from outsiders even during outdoor activities, we trust our in-house guide to accompany the visitor on the trip. Thus, sharing information in advance will aid in better and safer planning on the part of our team.

Take It Easy With the Cleaning

Being on vacation and not having to worry about cleaning up after yourself is appealing. You leave your room in the morning and return at night to a bed that is wrinkle-free. However, these small comforts come with a price: mental calm in today’s world where housekeeping staff still worries about virus transmission. Although all employees are required to wear masks and gloves at all times, we have implemented contactless housekeeping to be even more cautious. After every checkout, each tent is sanitised and left empty for 24 hours in addition to changing the linens, towels, and other items. Every two hours, our team cleans and disinfects every shared area.

Additionally, keep a distance from others and put on a mask when you’re around the workers, including housekeeping. Even though they are still at work, you may be in the mood for a carefree holiday. Please let the tiny things go, we beg of you.

Increase Your Stay

The privacy of the visitor is the first focus at Shama Desert Camp. To give the visitor a comfortable experience, we have made customary procedures like housekeeping, check-ins, and check-outs contactless. In principle, staying longer at the same establishment reduces your contact bubble because you’re engaging with the same employees and visitors, which reduces your chance of contracting or spreading the virus.

Allow Us To Look After You

Small, independent hotels play a crucial role in the ecology of microbusinesses and locals who depend on them for their daily income, especially in developing nations. Hotels won’t be able to hire their services as frequently because there will be fewer customers to look after. Bypass the never-ending list of things to do and reserve additional trips and activities with your dependable hosts at Shama Desert Camp so you can relax and take it easy while you’re away.

Your choice to book us for your vacation to Jaisalmer is a decision that can have the most influence because, as independent service providers and businesses, the financial hardships brought on by COVID-19 are immense. You are giving possibilities to those in Jaisalmer who right now need them the most only by improving your own experience.

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