Where in Jaisalmer can I go on a desert safari?

The most well-known locations in Jaisalmer that provide a desert safari are:

Sam Sand Dunes

Desert Safari has made its mark on some of the most well-known Sand Dunes in the world in Jaisalmer. In Sam, the sand dunes are very popular with tourists. The most well-liked spot for an afternoon of Jaisalmer Desert Safari, this area is home to a big number of luxurious, opulent, trendy, sumptuous, and reasonably priced hotels that may provide you with the best vacation of your life.

Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, which are 40 kilometres from the city centre, are a popular choice for travellers since they offer a wide range of entertainment and recreational opportunities. from partaking in traditional performances and consuming genuine Rajasthani cuisine The traditional Rajasthani culture is centred here.

The Serai Camp and the Dangri Desert Safari Camp are thought to be two of the most well-liked places to stay in this area, where visitors may get a taste of royalty while partaking in a variety of heart-pounding activities.

Khuri Sand Dunes

The Thar Desert is home to a number of stunning locations, making it a wonderful place for visitors to spend an exciting day on an adventure in the desert. Khuri, or the Khuri Sand Dunes, is among the most stunning locations.

The Khuri Sand Dunes, which are around 50 kilometres from the southern section of Jaisalmer, are well renowned for being the least populated and for providing visitors with tour and adventure tours away from crowds.

Luring travellers from all across the world For the second-most exhilarating Jaisalmer Desert safari, head to these sand dunes. You may gamble on a variety of exhilarating things in this place, like camel riding and dune bashing. In addition to the numerous adventures, the Khuri Sand Dunes are home to a number of resorts where you may reserve a tent for the scenic splendour of your stay.

Lodhruva Sand Dunes

If you don’t want to venture too far from Jaisalmer city, these sand dunes are the perfect place for you. You have the opportunity of remaining close to all the city lights in addition to taking in the vibes of the desert. Due to the area’s modest size, you cannot enjoy every type of Jaisalmer Desert safari here; instead, just the Camel Safari is available to tourists.

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