Enjoy Various Kind Of Desert Safari In Jaisalmer With JCR Desert

The city of Jaisalmer is well-known for its dry, scorching environment. As a result, it’s a fantastic place to go on a desert safari, a style of tourism that involves visiting places with dry or semi-arid climates.

Would you like to experience Jaisalmer’s stunning deserts? There are many various kinds of desert safaris to pick from, whether you’re interested in camel rides, jeep safaris, or mud walks. In this article, we’ll describe the various kinds of desert safaris you may take in Jaisalmer and offer advice on how to choose the best one for you. So whether you want a calm day out or an exhilarating adventure, we have you covered!

Numerous desert safaris to choose from

There are numerous choices, including

Desert Camp Safari in Jaisalmer

The Desert Camp Safari is one of the most cherished and well-liked safari experiences that can be had in Jaisalmer. Along with the chance to go on thrilling safaris, this safari also gives you the chance to live in a tent and take part in traditional Rajasthani culture.

This Jaisalmer Desert safari is comparatively a lot more pleasurable and entertaining than other forms of safari, from sleeping in modest tents that are furnished with the minimum necessities to hearing the traditional folk music at night.

This entails relocating to a location with services including on-site dining, air-conditioned lodging, and freshwater supply. Everyone may enjoy this JCR Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer, whether they are on vacation with their family or are looking for peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Half Day Desert Safari

Unlike previous Jaisalmer Desert safaris, this one is not solely focused on travelling through the desert’s sand dunes. On this type of desert safari, you can visit a number of well-known tourist attractions and famous metropolitan landmarks.

Due to the safari’s 1.5 hour duration While travelling from one location to another, you can savour the local cuisine and alternatives. The freedom to choose your favourite mode of travel. This style of transportation, such as either camels or automobiles, is what makes this style of safari so appealing.

Depending on the package you select, you can go on any safari you like. To add the necessary excitement to your journey, you may choose a camel safari, or you could choose to travel in an SUV or a Thar and take it easy. 

Camel Safari

The Thar Desert is one of the most well-known locations in India for camel safaris, and it is where you will have the most fun in Jaisalmer. You can get the solitude and quiet you need on any journey by strolling across sand dunes and admiring a breathtaking sunset.

Sam Sand Dunes Jeep Safari

You may take a memorable camel ride in Jaisalmer and go on an incredible experience through the Jaisalmer Desert. You can ride well-cared-for camels that are kept in their natural habitat.

The Sam Sand Dunes are the most well-known of the three locations where you may go for an adventurous and fun camel safari adventure. Khuri Sand Dunes is another option for a staycation. Only 5 miles from the city centre is another place where Jaisalmer Desert safaris may be enjoyed. This place is known for the Lodhruva Sand Dunes.

Car/Jeep Safari 

Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to experience the excitement of riding the wild animals and speeding across the terrain. The encounter is comparable to a camel safari. Both artificial and natural scenery are available for your enjoyment.

The primary distinction that stands out is that almost anyone may take advantage of this experience, and the level of comfort is unfathomable. The best place to enjoy a surge of excitement is in Sam Sand Dunes with a Jeep or Jeep Safari, where you may chose from a range of vehicles according on your budget.

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