Deset Festival in Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival spreads a festive atmosphere across the Thar Desert. The desert festival is typically held at the end of the winter season as an open invitation to the approaching spring season. The desert festival is scheduled to take place between February 17th and February 19th, 2019. Let us look into some of the more complex facets of the situation. 



Would you like to learn more about Rajasthan’s cultural riches? Consider traditional music, dusty dances, and a blending of cultures. Everything is included in the Jaisalmer Desert Festival package! You can learn about Rajasthan’s traditional folk culture. You have viewers from all around the world who are excited to see the cultural themes put on display.


What exactly does this hold for you? 

You come across a variety of cultures as you stroll across large areas of sandy landscapes. These are Rajasthan’s hidden beauties. The grandeur is enhanced by folk dances, music, and a rapt crowd. In the centre of the Thar Desert, you are surrounded by a rainbow of colours, sounds, and lively dances.


Artists put up a three-day show. They do fire dances to the tune of gari drums. In the midst of ancient forts, Havelis, Jain temples, historical landmarks, and so on, you can hear beautiful folk music. This gives you a lavish picture of Rajasthan’s beautiful temples, towering palaces, and traditional culture. In a nutshell, you can say that the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a fantastic respite from modernity. Implausible India opens with a mosaic of vivid imagery and old-fashioned ideas. Even foreigners like being a part of the grand spectacle.


An overview of the Desert Festival’s history 

The Desert Festival was created to bid farewell to the cold winter and welcome the coming spring. Apart from this, you have a variety of causes. The event was created primarily to bring Rajasthan’s interesting and captivating culture to the rest of India. The events are organised in such a way that you can take home lasting memories. It was only three days of your three-day vacation. Spectators are frequently exulted or elated at the end of a show with tremendous participation and rave involvement. It’s also a great chance for desi artists to show off their hidden talents and potential. The show is mostly attended by foreigners who enjoy it.


Insights towards pre-booking your hotels or rooms 

By reading the preceding paragraphs, you can see how impressive the schedule of events will be. The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is the most popular time to visit the Thar Desert. The majority of hotel rooms are quickly reserved. So, if you want to attend the gala show, you’ll need to reserve your train or airline tickets ahead of time. You can also book hotel rooms at least three months prior to the start of the big event. Jaisalkot has a wide selection of hotel rooms and luxurious lodgings. The costs are also fair. Each of these rooms’ amazing interiors might present you with a larger-than-life experience.


When is the Desert Festival usually held? 

Every year in February, this desert festival takes place. The festival takes place in the Hindu month of Magh (January). Three days before the full moon, this occurs. The magnificent Desert Festival is scheduled to take place between February 17th and February 19th this year. The festival is usually held near the Sam Dunes, which are among the most picturesque dunes in the Thar Desert. The picturesque city of Jaisalmer is roughly 42 kilometres away from the Sam dunes.


Other activities in Rajasthan 

Jaisalmer is a city that may transport you to a fantasy world. This is a popular travel spot for honeymooners, holidaymakers, and international visitors. You have everything a nature lover could want, from endless sand dunes to a lush green oasis. Those historic forts and castles are worth visiting. You have the fort of Jaisalmer, where more than 3000 families live in peace and harmony till now. Yellow sandstone is used for the walls. This magnificent fort palace, also known as the Sonar Quila, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walls turn a golden yellow colour throughout the afternoons and an orangish-red colour at sunsets.


We’ve witnessed a number of fascinating parts of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. So, pack your luggage and head to Jaisalmer this year to take part in the Desert Festival. BOOK your stay now at best rated desert camp in Jaisalmer



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