Jaisalmer Tourism And Travel Guide

The golden city of Jaisalmer, which stands valiantly as India’s western guard, would be worth visiting. On the sands of Jaisalmer, the golden rays of the setting sun paint a lovely image. The Rajputs’ appreciation for the fine arts is evident in the spectacular wood- and stone-carved homes and buildings.



Jaisalmer is located in the westernmost section of Rajasthan, in the heart of the great Thar Desert. On the western side, it borders Pakistan. The lovely city of Bikaner is located to its south. Jodhpur, another colourful and traditional city, borders the eastern side of the region. The climate in this city is typical of the desert.



In 1156, Bhatti Rajput RawalJaisal built the city of Jaisalmer. The Rajputs’ bravery and determination are also revealed in the history of Jaisalmer. Because it was the western countries’ trade route to India, the town was never a serious trading hub. 


Festivals and Fairs 

The camel fair, which takes place throughout the winter season, is the most well-known of the local celebrations. This location’s principal attractions are camel dances, camel racing, folk dance, and music. The desert festival is another name for it.


Best Time to visit

The best time to see Jaisalmer is when you’re in Rajasthan’s Thar Desert. Travelers go to Jaisalmer to see the Havelis that have made the city famous. To appreciate all of this, you’ll need good weather because you’ll be travelling a lot under the sun. 


Summer in Jaisalmer 

The summer months in Jaisalmer are April to August. Jaisalmer becomes exceedingly hot during this time, and only a few people dare to visit the desert city. Aside from budget travellers who can tolerate the heat, the summer season offers cheaper lodging and other travel necessities.


Monsoon in Jaisalmer 

The monsoon season in Jaisalmer runs from September to October and lasts only a few weeks. However, rain is never seen in Jaisalmer, and the few drops that do fall make the weather much worse by adding humidity to the already sultry air. The weather begins to normalise around October. So budget travellers can go to this location because the temperature will be lower and the trip cost will be reduced.


Winter in Jaisalmer 

The greatest time to visit Jaisalmer is from November to March when the desert city is blanketed in snow and offers pleasant weather. In February, Jaisalmer hosts a desert festival that is a once-in-a-lifetime event for visitors. Because the weather is pleasant, you can enjoy Rajasthani cuisine without fear, and the natives will enthusiastically perform traditional music.


Tourist Attraction

  • A tour to Jaisalmer is incomplete without a visit to the Jaisalmer Fort. 
  • The Manakchowk, Jaisalmer’s famous marketplace, is located just outside the fort and is the town’s largest and thus most picturesque landmark. 
  • The Jain temple, which is worth seeing, is also within the fort. Visit the desert camp in Jaisalmer, which was built between the 12th and 15th centuries and provides evidence of Rajasthan’s unique creativity.
  • Havelis are the mansions built by the rich merchants, which are still in excellent condition. The havelis just like the Patwon-ki-Haveli and Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli are remarkable for his or her exclusive cutwork, yellow and red stone treatment and therefore the bracket-shaped decoration of peacocks.

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